Hello, watching another’s failure strain

Watching another’s failure strain a tenuous relationship, I return to you.
Not groveling or lamenting, but humbled and willing.
No greater goal have I than yours.
Forgive my doubt as I seek your desires.
I thank you
Once when I was less than now I stood proud.
Unyielding, under others mighty words, before none bowed.
Self absorbed, unnecessarily conceited, friendships fettered away.
Calamity claimed this heart bending my soul to your will.
I thank you
None stands perfect in this world but you.
None know pain as you accepted for those yet born.
None know love greater than life created in an immortal heart.
None see you path except these bent and yielding.
I thank you
With you at our side the narrow path opens wide.
With you guiding our actions in this life we take great strides.
With you cancers wicked sting diminishes not our fight.
With you friends, as my love, strengthen, growing even in this present night.
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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