Hello, under swirling storm clouds

Under swirling storm clouds I return to you.
Watching unfettered winds wreaking havoc in our lives.
Tempest of nature confusing mortal men.
Nothing’s for chance, it’s all in the grand plan.
I thank you
Yes, for those hours of not knowing.
Days spent in fear and pain.
Yes for those moments waiting for the doctor to explain.
Months recovering her life nearly drained.
I thank you
Carry us still our hands clasped to you tight.
On this journey we pray you’ll relieve this pain one day.
Till we know the trek is complete.
We’ll return to you even when knocked off our feet.
I thank you
Take my offering now of hope.
These words for a friend now with cancer learning to cope.
For my coworkers struggling to understand.
Why this fight takes so much from me for this woman and man.
I thank you
Return us to peaceful fields under storm less skies.
Let us walk with those who know you and never deny.
Between these trials return our day.
Day where we sing if you and pray.
I thank you
Oh, and amen.


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