Hello, hearing a tired call

Hearing a tired call for your healing i return to you.
Hands pressed tightly, chasing away the mornings fright.
Giving you all, before the physician makes his call.
Blessed to know and understand you have a plan.
I thank you
No man should fear tomorrow’s arrival.
No woman should plan further than today.
No hope comes with out darkness.
No fear goes unresolved.
I thank you
When least expected i see your will unfold.
When night seems never ending, flickering, faith ignites hope.
When voices of disdain and confusion in this soul remain, a word clears the fog.
When none could see the end, gentle nudge pushes me through.
I thank you
Open your heart for healing and renewal.
Open your hands to guide the surgeons.
Open your arms to welcome these prayers.
Open your gates for our praise.
I thank you
My love shares your victory.
My lives shares your hope.
My love helps others understand and cope.
My love through your sacrifice is free.
I thank you
Relinquish her burdens.
Relinquishing my own.
Relinquishing fear.
Relinquishing the fantasy of control.
I thank you
Be with us tonight.
Be with our friend Amy in her fight.
Be with me as work calls.
Be with us as we fall.
I thank you
Oh, and Amen


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