Hello, you call in me in the strangest ways

You call on me in the strangest of ways, and I return to you.
Through friends needs now on the same path as my love.
Through trials which continue bringing me to you, us to you.
With anguish and despair and hope to share.
I thank you
Weathering each abrasive wind drummed up by evil in this land.
Weathering others demeaning posturing over trivial desires.
Weathering angry demands of hurting hearts fearing pains return.
Weathering our own defeatist storms brewing in frustrations temptations.
I thank you
Here, kneeling amid the cast offs of society.
Here, praying for peace in the fragmented needs and improprieties.
Here, stealing a glance at earthly desires while thumbing through your pages.
Here, stripped of pride, humbled and denied, I’m ready for your plan.
I thank you
Let the words for these fill my pages as they fill this heart.
Let each chance you reveal give your word a new start.
Let me be the vessel to carry pain away from those most in need.
Let me remember those struggling, bleeding excuses, while seeking faiths reward.
I thank you
This moment I ask for what only you can give.
This moment I seek only what you can take.
This moment I stand for your love.
This moment I raise my arms in praise.
I thank you
Oh, and Amen


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