Hello, this heart fills with hope

This heart fills with hope and sadness as I return to you
Months pass in this all or nothing war on cancer
Together though she the most suffers
Readying her heart now for the battles final part
I thank you
April brings much with springs growing calendar
Days marked for surgeons banter and skill
Yet weary she strides up this final hill
Struggling I follow long unable but willing to lead
I thank you
Strength grows in her swelling heart
Mine wages a pitied battle unseen
Ready now with your spirits shower
Covering failures last cruel marks we’ll over this soon tower
I thank you
Night comes all to early leaving much undone
Day sinks into the darkness leaving us too tired to sleep
However struggling to our feet with you in the lead
We will achieve this next deed
I thank you
Forgives comes with understanding
Fear fills us with none
Together in this trial gaining knowledge from one
Always in your debt as cancers triggers hold us under her gun
I thank you
Now for this hour passing all to quickly
Let me take my leave and seek slumbers remedy
Following your path with her in the lead
This man finds strength he richly needs
I thank you
Oh, and Amen


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