stilled by angers might

Stilled by angers might in the depths of our longest night.
Stilled under oppressions glare as many fell, you helpless, yelled.
stilled in the winter of our emptiness, as fear fills our streets.
stilled till one word uttered with hope stirs imaginations breezes long dormant.
stilled before swirling eddies of desire reignite liberties pyres.
stilled as nations laugh as to our feet we struggled.
stilled with one deed till need syphons the wind’s steeds.
stilled no longer freedoms winds sweep across barren lands.
stilled till unified a people gather hand in hand.
stilled as planned till a few see the truth.
stilled are these that seek our demise from the skies.
stilled in their pursuit until a loud snap reveals she’s unfurled.
stilled around her steel pole till liberties words released freedoms winds.
stilled not stopped winds of change return glory’s pose.
stilled no longer prone but outstretched welcoming and warning.
stilled when men no longer celebrate but denigrate her stripes.
stilled she will never again be as her stars shine for liberty.
stilled once by angers evil tones reborn our flag is flown,
stilled never again as this gathering mixes all race of men.
stilled by angers might in the depths of our longest night.
stilled no more



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