Hello, deep in thoughts

Deep in thoughts of times long passed I return to you
not troubled as before rather searching for those I ignored
yes, stepped past in my rush to the future
we are a part, and they us, of everyone we meet.
I thank you
For those who leave with me, hope in their lives
for those who take from me, faith in today
for those who discharge to my care desires they share
for those seeking a blessing i’m willing to dare
I thank you
no regrets are found in these memories i have
paths chosen for reasons i should not have had
no fear springs from decisions not made
purchased for me is a future is laid
I thank you
Had some other path for my loves suffering been chosen
Would we be at this crossroads with friends we’d not known before
Had not each hour produced words for our sharing
Would you not these read with new understanding
I thank you
Growing together as we watch others torn apart
Frail us the human spirit when grounded with out faiths start.
Storms and terrors raining hurt instead of healing
Together in this life storm with our lord together we are dealing.
I thank you
Could you whisper a prayer of hope and discovery
Just for those near who can hear and learn from your recovery
Far from this point I see tattered sails rounding the cape
For your actions my love in Christ, many are saved.
I thank you
Plenty are the reasons men avoid this sacrificial season
Where women are bound to pain and loss on healing’s ground
Still together for each other and others in spirit we gather
Gather with loves bond and dreams of a world of hope
I thank you
Once before, many times I’ve come
Many times more I’ll share with you my words
Your fil my heart spilling loves soul from this unclean mouth
Once again I stand fired coal an Angels brand
I thank you
Never before has this heart seen so clear
Eyes once cloudy grow stronger as you stand near
Holding firmly to that which is offered
My love, my friend and a host of others with you take cover
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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