Hello, remembering early promises

Remembering early promises unkept I return to you
Overshadowing your designs on this life with my own
Relinquishing only under duress my plans for yours
Then, reality, begins its purchase in my heart and this soul relents
I thank you
Yes for the trials my loves faces in this cancerous war
Yes for the anguish bound to my heart by each tremor
Yes shaken repeatedly to my core I implore your peace
Yes fill me, us with your everlasting peace
I thank you
Stoic features cross this well worn face
Stoic responses to impassioned pleas
Stoic in my choice of prose
Stoic not in my pursuit of your love
I thank you
Once before this form felt great pain
Once before great joy unseated the hurt
Once before anger filled this heart
Once before you gave me a new start
I thank you
Temper this form still
Temper it between lives hammer and and hopes anvil
Temper my soul your purchased by blood
Temper my heart with this ever growing love
I thank you
Let not further cancer grow in her cells
Let not friends find cancers fear in their hearts
Let not this family suffer cancers stain
Let us live, love in cancer free praise
I thank you
I thank you
Oh, and Amen






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