hello with words for friends

With words for friends I return to you
reading their thoughts on shared for all
watching their lives spiral and yaw
remembering our first days in this war
I thank you
remembering our first days in this war
allows us to reflect on the fights we have seen
tempers and trials and pains we recall
as others now begin cancers roll call
I thank you
never having stood here before
not have heard these words from my chest
unable to recall life before
still thankful for healing and a body restored
I thank you
What could i tell another
had i not have witnessed these months we’ve covered
knowing where we are today
i can pray and share with others the way
I thank you
Wishing these had not been our plight
to stand crying before others in this fight
wishing time and time again to take flight
knowing her needs each a faith seed
I thank you
Now before those who need you more now
I ask not to face such trials knowing i will and how
having witnessed your power
knowing there is no reason to in the darkness cower
I thank you
watch me fall and pick me up
stand with me helping others recover
recover sanities threads of hope and freedom
while coping with illness and loss without reason
I thank you
Listen to my call i pray
that none have these pains come to stay
open your healing hands
take each life as you can
I thank you
Oh, and Amen



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