hello, intrenched in her needs

intrenched in her needs I return to you
beset by self doubt and angers demons
self ridiculed till she is all i can think about
now humbled at your knees i return
I thank you
laying out the course before her
time to rebuild what has been taken
opening hope not wounds this is making
supporting her needs and wants at all costs
I thank you
when will we see life as we knew
when will there be rest from what shes going through
when will there be a day with out pain
when will we know life begins again
I thank you
forgive me for the questions
forgive me for the desires
forgive me for the anger
forgive me for forgetting strangers
I thank you
from this we learn
from this our faith earns
from this stronger we grow
from this great hope we know
I thank you
take us now for your will
take us into your confidence still
take us where others fear go
take us so them we your love can show
I thank you
Oh, and Amen


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