hello fallow and untapped

fallow and untapped ready I return to you
fierce in my defense of her needs
focused with humbling deeds
forever in your debt our path renewed
I thank you
What willing soul accepts
what wanting heart prepares
what fear overwhelms a life
what hope replaces the night
I thank you
tonight i see your blessings in her eyes
tonight i see your healing as hair returns
Tonight i see your hope in her actions
tonight i see your peace in her sleep
I thank you
carry those less fortunate in their fight
carry those beginning with out you in cancers night
carry those whose hearts find only anger
carry those who have not given to you as life’s manager
I thank you
where you take us know we cannot know
where your trials begin we will go
where your will leads we will trek
where your heart goes we will seek
I thank you
Oh and Amen


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