Hello, soul empowered by

Soul empowered by a listening heart I return
Return not grumbling or groveling but humbled
Humbled and united in trial and triumph with a love unmistakably centered
Centered faithfully to your goals
I thank you
Tempered as steel under your hammering blows
Blows defining our path we willingly chose
Chose for love chose for life regardless the strife
Strife flushing out failure and depression with peace
I thank you
Now pronounced free of cancers stain
Stained by fear and pain her life slowly regained
Regained as a witness for others to comfort in pain
Pain temporarily immobilizing will prayer returns faith for her to feel
I thank you
As she stands for friends now struggling
Struggling along paths all to embedded in her life
Life filled with new understanding
Understanding I am now a part of
I thank you
Hear a wife’s plea
Plea for a friend now under this tree
Tree filled with relatives in pain
Pain your blood washes away like rain
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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