Hello slipping between over stresses

Slipping between over stresses and catatonic I return to you
filled with greater understanding and want
want for a wife’s continued healing and a friends to begin
Kneeling where prayers begin and hope never ends
I thank you
Days fill with chaos and strife
Days wage war on faiths unending fights
Days string on into weeks with out end
Days turn into moths and we’re back where we begin
I thank you
Every turn leads to trials and praise
Every word brings hope back from the grave
Every tear washes away hurt from a long year
Every thought returns us with out fear
I thank you
Whatever lies in wait for tomorrow
Whatever dread comes cannot life borrow
Whatever sifts these anguished souls cannot win
Whatever humbles us I know returns to you again
I thank you
When my love sees your healing in others
When my own eyes see you peel away pains cover
When we see others struggling a new
When our hearts clear our minds remind all of you
I thank you
No more can I bear than you will to this heart bare
No more will she hurt than her heart can share
No less am I though struggling with this life
No less is she for her strength as a wife
I thank you
Grant me the continued peace
Grant her the painless treat
Grant us time to enjoy your treasures
Grant our friends and family healing in excessive measure
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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