Hello under the spell

Under the spell of a woman’s healing spirit I return to you
In awe of your fulfilling majesty humbling cancers plight in her life
Myself, humbled by your glorious might
Return us to your works renewing your fight
I thank you
Simple are her desires, follicles filling a naked crown
Tasting a sip from the vine in her delicate wine
Painless before her steps at healing proceed
Rebuilt form and the new norm
I thank you
Stepping from great burden to another
Filling pages to help others
Forgive my failings as I grow
Allow me to be worthy of the greatest human love I know
I thank you
Testing her heart and flesh for cancers residue
Seeking its hiding places to prevent the battle renewed
Every hour finds new strength in her
Every day new hope for us here
I thank you
Oh, and Amen


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