Hello, waiting for a time

Waiting for that time when praise is all i have i return to you
Sated for the moment though fear looms near
Take from me this anxiety as we wait to hear
Hear of cancer free days of travel and bills paid
I thank you
Under our own hands so much falters
Under your gaze we struggle till one call alters
Under your grace all fear is replaced
Under your will our world with hope is filled
I thank you
Granted this reprieve
Granted this lingering hour
Granted one smile
Granted your peace for awhile
I thank you
She carries such a burden
She bares her heart often uncertain
She shares your praises often
She wears your love in the open
I thank you
This night I seek your peace
This night I frustrations release
This night I give you my worries
This night I sing your praise
I thank you
So many know her trials
So many watch her gracious styles
So many now understand your plan
So many see more than this woman and her man
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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