hello, tumbling from bed

Hello Tumbling from bed with fevered thoughts in my head I return to you Coughing up a weeks frustration in a single evening there slumbering beside me my life my love peaceful in the night after a day of struggle I thank you No real rest for the weary it is said but here in […]

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Hello in this night of hope

Hello In this night of hope I return to you Growing from the first hours we learned of the cancer Together we forged with you a promise Taking all we humanly can and let the spirit take the rest I thank you So little could these bodies accept Pain from injection to surgery we could […]

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Forgetting the pain which

Forgetting the pain which in this life falls like rain. Forgetting the frustration which beats down success. Forgetting the fear which fills this life with unrest. Forgetting the hate which others harbor for me so great. Forgetting the reasons failure clings so tight to my fate. Forgetting the things others said I could never do. […]

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wasted hours watching

Wasted hours watching fleets float into misty harbors with this souls dreams. Salt spray fills these eyes from waves raking the bow as we near life’s final bay. Sitting along this railing sipping sweet burning drinks wishing for yesterdays ships. waves crashing over granite jetties, piers reaching into the sea but not for me. wasted […]

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hello alone with my thoughts

Hello Alone with my thoughts i return to you Visiting moments when time my fears lost Recalling hours stolen by remorse regret haunts days in sterile halls I thank you encouraging me to renew this life encouraging me to share your words in my strife encouraging me to walk with you a while encouraging me […]

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I wandered through this hell

I wandered through this hell we made I lived through the nightmares that came I accepted the challenge in your name I will continue the fight no matter how viciously maimed I know you are here and you’ve done the same I will do your bidding till evil we tame I struggle to understand and […]

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Voices in the street

Voices in the street calling out your deceit. Casting doubt on your reason asking about your meaning. Trampling others wills your feet like those before marching for hates drummer. Cadence calling the numbers grow followers willing with you go. Unsure the oath they take others hearts they soon break. “Believe the way I do, or […]

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