Hello in this night of hope

In this night of hope I return to you
Growing from the first hours we learned of the cancer
Together we forged with you a promise
Taking all we humanly can and let the spirit take the rest
I thank you
So little could these bodies accept
Pain from injection to surgery we could not abstain
Your spirit fill the void carried us and should have been with us quite annoyed
Failing to fulfill our promise we dumped it all and tried to hide
I thank you
You found us there
In our hurting wants
You found us there
And bound our pains for needs
I thank you
In this darkness of our spirit
Rays of hope shine through it
Casting our shadows of fear and frustration
Leaving us prostrate and praying
I thank you
As with my love
Be with my friends
Heal the cells raging with cancer
Bless those suffering with wildfires burn
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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