hello alone with my thoughts

Alone with my thoughts i return to you
Visiting moments when time my fears lost
Recalling hours stolen by remorse
regret haunts days in sterile halls
I thank you
encouraging me to renew this life
encouraging me to share your words in my strife
encouraging me to walk with you a while
encouraging me to cry when all i see is night
I thank you
Understanding comes from knowing you
Understanding comes from talking with you
Understanding comes from sharing what you do
Understanding comes by what we do
I thank you
Seeing your love filling her eyes with life
Seeing your will fill her body with healing
Seeing your healing in flesh and locks
Seeing your face in her smiles
I thank you
Carry us still I ask
Carry us though more nights that come so fast
Carry us along glass and briar filled paths
Carry us through pains that never seem to pass
I thank you
As her cancer fades
As her beautiful hair returns
As her flesh heals
As her spirit refills
I thank you
Finding now family in need of your touch
Finding friends who need you so much
Finding strangers in need of your love
Finding we need your peace on us like a dove
I thank you
Oh, And amen

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