Hello, longing for the night

Longing for the night when her gentle breathing is all I hear I return to you
Hearing that friends are facing her same trials I pray them thought
Cancer begins as an anxiety riddled word fueled by frustration
Seeping and clawing into once sanguine minds replacing hope with hate
I thank you
Here in our time we are seeing cancers defeated one at a time
Here yes we hear of more carrying the life altering genes
Here shared prayers dared for friends and strangers alter the outcomes
Here one by one word by word hope replaces hate
I thank you
Sifted are these souls racked by wildfire and pain
Sifted is this heart watching my love struggle from the start
Sifted are all who stand firm tears streaming as they learn
Sifted in times mesh souls and lives with faith refreshed
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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