Hello, unable to comfort her

Unable to comfort her in her infirmity I return
Running and restricted breathing and eyes struggling
Apart from her under the same roof
Struggling to listen and not be a burden
I thank you
Caring so as not to share my own sickness with her
Not wanting to arrest her healing that’s true
Wanting her touch and smile for my own
Strange come these ailments at this single time
I thank you
This years still new
And I’ve spent more time with you
More time asking you to help
Seeking to know the next step
I thank you
Stepping back I listen to learn
Heart not understanding this mind begins to churn
Soon in frustration illness this body ravage
Savagely strangling hope I continue to return
I thank you
I need you now more than ever
Come these calls from my soul in this endeavor
Knowing more waits for me now
Because I seek you first like a child
I thank you
She sees my need for your healing touch
Not only for her but this wicked eye saturating crunch
Share with my body your healing heart
Her strength and your keeping darkness apart
I thank you
Longer and faster come my desires and needs
Humbled continually here on my knees
What more can fill this heart with pain
Please dear Jesus take from frustrations reign
I thank you
We will make it through because of you
For you know our hearts and needs so true
We will see your tomorrow regardless today’s sorrow
For you have a purpose a plan that will soon come due
I thank you
The hour grows late
These eyes struggling with matted slates
Sleep cannot find me
So I must seek her place
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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