hello, just about as happy

just about as happy as I can be i’m back
back with her loving arms around my heart
hearts beating in unison with yours
Your will unfurled before straining lovers
I thank you
winding down through the days of challenges
twisting between success and failures
charged with hope fueled by desire
ravaged by memories encouraged by faith
I thank you
Humanity cannot heal itself
Only in a guided walk
Can we know the great physician
only then can we know true healing
I thank you
continue to fill me with hope
Hope brews life’s eternal nectar
frothing with faiths welcome libations
consumed with friends and family
I thank you
whisking us through each new step
slipping through the trails slightly charred
chipped and bruised yet rewarded
tainted by sin washed in the blood
I thank you
oh, and amen


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