Hello, facing another challenge

Facing another challenge I return to you
again and again with new challenges we return
seeking your grace for all concerned
Seeking your will to learn
I thank you
What stands before this heart
What defeats each beat before it starts
What defends this souls desires
What takes fear builds its funeral pyre
I thank you
Each answer you share
Each question I dare
Each hopeful glance
Each prayerful chance
I thank you
Here to see her greatest need
Here to fulfill her wants
Here to take her pain and hurt
Here to free her from anxieties demented wine
I thank you
Let no trial impede your love for her
Let no fear defeat your role for her
Let no one mistake your purpose for her
Let no one suffer cancers burn like her
I thank you
Take from each person cancers angry stain
Take from each heart cancers angry pain
Take from each family cancers cruelest curse
Take from each life loss before cancer does it first
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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