Hello, holding this piece

holding this piece of hope in my hand i return to you
tarnished by sins earthly wins
dented and scratched by angers might
outstretched hands holding a plan for the heart of this man
I thank you
Finding her wants filled with your needs
Friends prayers begun with your plan
Snuggling through nights filled by faith alone
She knows now she was never alone
I thank you
New come challenges replacing the old
Hard comes our breath still struggling to go
Higher still with you we climb
Fighting fears grasp on our tempted minds
I thank you
Where she once had fallen
A friend now finds her steps to this wall calling
Give her the same peace we have found
Let not in this earthly sin her heart be bound
I thank you
For others we know to you soon go
Accepting your peace
Accepting this trial
Accepting your wants for them on each mile
I thank you
Never here to tread again
Never here on pains bed again
Never here with such loss again
Never here without your hope again
I thank you
Seeing her smile
Knowing a surgeon awaits
One last indignation
Man replacing what cancer did take
I thank you
She grows stronger each day
She sees others hurting and shows them the way
She accepts new challenges that come
She knows faith grows focused on Gods Son
I thank you
Knowing new struggles are coming
Knowing your direction we are heeding
Knowing night cannot hold off your new day
Knowing all things are possible when we stop to pray
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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