Hello, alone in thought

Alone in thought I return to you
Battling with frustrations dream shredding talons
Sifted with each new trial
Alone but not your presence peace returns
I thank you
Tempted to turn on these that sting with angry words
Tempted to run from those who offer help
Tempted to face a worlds tormenters alone
Tempted to stop calling on you
I thank you
Your words fill my straining heart
Your peace gives me rest during the toughest part
Your will urges me on pushing me through
Your hope kindles faiths fires bringing me back to you
I thank you
Watching her heal I see your handiwork
Watching as hopes glow tired eyes refills as I look
Watching as hair itchingly returns to a barren head
Watching as laughter and smiles carry us from this dread
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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