Casual breaths of unwanted

Casual breaths of unwanted threats.
Urgings unkind of a world demented mind.
Flagrant infractions in sanities realm.
Casting about for those to overwhelm.
Between tortured and tormented are these.
Heaven is hell daily on bended knees.
Seeking alms from allah’s curse.
Spreading hate in Koranic verse.
Hobbled today by evils ancient desires.
Seeking to kindle prophetic pyres.
Calculated and concise.
Restricting others liberties their only vice.
Within each beating true.
A heart of hope we can reach out to.
Before its to late.
Just before each is consumed by hate.
Pray with me and take.
Another from Allah’s way.
Taken at his terms.
A faith which cannot withstand debate.
Is not a faith but an organized hate.
Persecute none.
Love every one.
Accept what they offer.
Know you’ll not end in a coffin.
Heavens wide gates
Will welcome you one day.
Offer each brother and sister a prayer.
See if they’ll trade hate for hope on faiths dare.

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