Hands sealed in artificial skin

Hands sealed in artificial skin slip along your injured flesh
Fingers deftly drawing a razor edged blade across your wounded chest
Trailing behind the surgeons knife, skin purses revealing inner life
Undaunted you claim no pain as first one then another cut is made
Fingers separating the ever widening tear till cold steel old you bare
Working swiftly to undo what was done operating on my lived one
Suddenly up from within pops man made hardware that aided your battle within
No longer needed and gladly released this masterful cutter your tormenters released
Wildfires passed your flesh now healing another port removed
Strength come from knowing, seeing and growing
My hand in yours as with fine thread your wound he is sowing
Prayerfully watching seeing you accept, unflinching under this doctors hands you kept
No more pain only hope we seek as you continue radiation then reconstructions date you keep
Strength I seek to match your own not wishing just praying this won’t go on
Thank you lord for these things I have seen dies life for my love need be so mean
Oh, and amen





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