I watch you pervert

I watch you pervert your knowledge
Your faith into a collage of hate
I watch you win converts
With a gun barrel in their face
I watch you subvert peace
With ancient words of evil
I watched my on faith
Use its darkest tools on your people
I watch and wondered why
With this hope of enlightenment faith others you deny
I watch filth fill mighty souls
With nights deeds done in daylight
I watch fearing friends
Who knew day might take my life
I watch now without that fear
For my Christian faith keeps my mind quite clear
I watch a fools our faiths restructure
Gearing for Satan’s pleasure
I watch your hands filling with life
As you take it from another in senseless strife
I watch in an age of wisdom
A people seek an era of darkness wreaking terror
I watch all the while knowing
Love is the only answer for hearts so lonely
I watch knowing you
Yes you can see the light
I watch praying
Just before you take another life
I watch
As does he….


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