Hello, with excitement in her eyes

With excitement in her eyes I return to you
Through radiation bombards her rending cancers vestiges from her flesh
Though she’s suffered indignities no woman should
Hope has returned bounce to her step
I thank you
Trembling with joy as she reflects on a day filled with action
Shopping to refill a husband depleted pantry
Doctors visits alone with prayer her companion
Baking and preparing for my nightly return
I thank you
How quickly does this health fight turn
From fear and anguish through faith burn
Burning away frustration revealing peace
What a happy face this evening did i greet
I thank you
Regardless the trials we must face
Regardless the journey our faith must trace
Regardless the hardships we pass through in prayers race
Regardless out physical and mental pain through these lives is laced
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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