Hello racked by raging images

Racked by raging images in my sleep I return
Unable to shake them in the dawns first light
Not fear but concern for the exhausting night
Divining each meaning before day to night turns
I thank you
Bound in nights flowing course the hopes and wants with discourse
Simple samples of faces and places
Wrapped in frothy seas of discontent and confusion
Stealing rest from sleeps embrace to each dreams end I race
I thank you
No memory goes unappeased
No want goes unanswered
No fear goes unquestioned
No hope hoes unheeded
I thank you
Mid morning each image remains
Unable to discern still in my mind they burn
Fear not illicited from sporadic night scales
Though rest from this soul it did take
I thank you
Preparing to offer hope your word to teach
Born in this night aspects if my plight
Gathering all strength for someone to reach
Guide me oh lord in words of love I beseach
I thank you
For returning my loves health
Though still she must face irradiating her self
Still the challenge of reconstruction
Yet still her smile returns as from her cancers last vestiges us burned
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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