Hello, fingers furiously

Fingers furiously pulling words together I return to you
Each stroke finds new letter forming praises to you
Simple thoughts coalescing into paragraphs of prose about you
Faster falls each phrase till at last love fills the page about you
I thank you
Heart felt words of thanks for your healing grace
Heart felt words of praise no fear can erase
Heart felt words of hope from seeing your face
Heart felt words of peace in her growth to you I trace
I thank you
Trials braking a heart at the start
Trials fermenting humiliates righteous brew a part
Trials joining frustration with understanding renewing hearts
Trials divesting us of anger so your will makes us smart
I thank you
For understanding what I could not
For being patient with me when I was not
For gathering friends and family when I did not
For finding in us the love I could not
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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