Canvassing old wounds

Canvassing old wounds I find you
There beside anger and desire
Starved for attention
Festering you weep
Chilled by this discovery
Long had I thought you healed complete
Still languishing in my deepest thoughts
Caressed by dull edges of frustrations daggers
Diminished in your revelation a myriad of others fester now
Gathering, throbbing fearful as pain they each sow
Should not have sought you
There lingering in the past
Darkness held you captive
Till curiosity gave you light
What a freight you are
Holding my sight
Cannot now deny your right
But long ago forgiven
These wounds should be healing
Still in caustic remorse for the lost reopened
New comes the age that pain shall now pass
Given your source I know
I’ll with heat blade you lay low
Cauterizing lest again in this mind you fester
Prayer seals and heals all you could bring
Remind me not to rummage again for such things


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