Braying calls

Braying calls from wooden stalls
Sandaled feet shuffling to nights beat
Wordless messages relayed in a smile
Each face carries the miles
Sifting through narrow streets
Men and animals soon meet
Across the yard near the doors
Watching for a first glimpse of the Lord
Brightly lit these streets of old
Travelers bearing gifts of gold
Maiden fair with raven hair
Kneeling to attend this child God did send
Saving grace and agape trust
In him they see the messiah first
A child this day in swaddling clothes
Laid up in a mangers folds
Crossing the yard to offer their best
How many here will pass the final test
Standing at the feet of man
Crying with his mother and friends
Tonight they witness what’s foretold
Gathering hope in a city so old
Man woman and child they see
Knowing little of this Christ he’s to be
Emmanuel savior Lord
Call they now with silent nods
Fear fills an earthy street
Even know evil haunts his precious treat
Offered to a world in sin
Gathering now for mortal men
Tonight precious sweet and true
This baby like all God given to you
Worship at the heavenly feet
All to soon he’ll hold the mercy seat
Know your savior as a child
He’s known you all the while
Holding cooing giving a grin
This child if woman will lead great men
Enjoy this hour under the stars
As a man he’ll carry our scars
But tonight remind your self well
Christ comes unarmed, offering himself not for sell
Sweeping now into this night
Praise and worship under a star so bright
In Bethlehem a savior is born
For mortal men he has taken this form


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