do you know me

tempted by troubles winding rewards i flaunt the words for a musical chord.
Measuring each syllable and phrase watching as they leap from this page.
casting my net for others to get the meanings between letters i’ve set.
hazard a guess seeking what here rests and find what is meant for humanities test.
rippling it grows as the chest heaves and throws, tantrums of thought.
these words with immortality bought granting wishes with deaths kisses.
another would sneer, giving little to no ear to what you can now hear,
seek with me a riddles end the beginning is unclear so too is the rear.
fear fills us with glee as we charge into nights sea.
gauging triumphs from self tragedies in victories fleeting needs.
what woes do we seed when first we succeed.
who garners the hope of those longing to cope.
i stand before you seated as man so flee.
do you know me?


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