christmas notes

Christmas notes

Bright grows this nights guiding light,
between the moonless skies and earth,
tread trembling men.
Seeking this source of hope,
between walls of a straw filled stalls,
we gather in wonder.
Wandering from fields laden with desires,
our questions unanswered,
who brings us here now.
Held by cedar bows crossed,
for feeding burden bearing beasts,
our hope here rests.
Gifts from hands
calloused and scared,
resting at the kings feet.
standing we gaze
on his wondrous face
will he here stay
leading us from this place
tonight he is shown
in childlike hope
for us to cope
understanding whats in store
he willing opens this door
Standing her in shame
yet we each still came
for us he did the same
On a bright star light night
his glory filled our sight
caring and daring
the son his glory sparing
low in a manger born
for us the unwashed norm
to walk these same streets
knowing our miss deeds
feeling our pain
for the sin tree he came
share now his story
how our lord came
from glory
to live and to love
with us here
and those above
on this night
a Christmas
so bright.


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