hello, amid lonely calls

Amid lonely calls from cancers pains i return
My love taking her finale wildfire burn struggles as others learn
hearing first-timers seeking to quench a healing thirsts
seeking relief from what has into their lives burst
i thank you
Eyes filled with questions and wants from any and all
tethered to bags dripping wildfires poisonous cure
forestalling eternities call
one drip a surgery a life pure
i thank you
Not from actions this cancer begun
but with prayers sanctions it will end
this life my love returns from wildfires burn
healing tired from the battle healing prayers she sends
i thank you
not finished but closer the end
exhausted but stronger than when it did begin
she listens in prayer as others begin
she knows regardless the call here her victory begins
i thank you
giving your name gratifications due
for all who listen and see your victory through her and me
still hearing others new wants
to cure this cancer that their bodies now haunts
i thank you
oh, And Amen


2 thoughts on “hello, amid lonely calls

  1. What a touching poem… beautifully written, definitely expressing the strength and the will to survive, to keep going, to put this all behind, to restart living life again. Loved this message!

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