Hello, frustrated at myself I return

Frustrated at myself I return
Anger deflecting common sense
Mistakes and failures my world burns
Intangible reasons am I so dense
Not seeing relief kneeling at your feet
Cluttered thoughts draining progress
Simple tears making me regress
Nightmares each day renewed
Still I thank you
Her needs not alone grow
Others I love too
Not alone but alone I feel
Please your presence show
Not for me alone this please do
Heal my loves hurts her faith seal
I thank you
These words we share
With others suffering here
My gratitude is not enough
My life to you I dedicate and others dare
Bring their wants for you to hear
Trials our faith makes tough
Hearts tenderer for these we hold dear
Take this anger
Resentment and confusion
Return my thoughts with my heart
And there let’s start
Thank you for these words
For this hope filled life
Ending this self strife
For rest I’ll get tonight
Slumber unfilled by fear and angst
I will not live filled with fright
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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