Hello alone in turmoil

Alone in turmoil I return
Groveling for what I Cannot earn
Yearning for pain free hours
Knowing it is possible with your power
Sinking Despair riddles my heart
Rendering my prayers mute from the start
I thank you
Words fill my soul
Gathering force ready to take toll
On the cancer that torments her body
On your will I continually lobby
I thank you
Alone still in my want
Forgetting what it is from me you want
Fearing to fail this latest test
Loathing reproach of those who know me best
I thank you
Your blessings fill me with peace
Till I see her unable hers retreat
Before wildfires latest onslaught
I remember with your blood these lives are bought
On you I stand
You leading us through this land
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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