Hello, between want and need

Between want and need kneeling I’ve returned
Demands on this heart are great
Seeking wants for her sake
Asking forgiveness I’ve not earned
I thank you
Wildfires next infusion grows near
With it her anxiety shows
In her words her wants and fears
Not so strong as before still seeing her through these tears
Greater for her faith in you
Less me for my failings do
Doing what she will allow
Hearing your wants for us now
Healing comes a prayer at a time
Needs fulfilled like a passing rhyme
Bouncing between need and deed
Thanking you for each pain of faiths seed
Still kneeling we return
Seeking your peace for which we yearn
I thank you
Power to build
Power to destroy
Your words fallow fields till
Faith in peace from seeded rows we enjoy
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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