Hello, roaring darkness returns me

Roaring darkness returns me to you
Thudding realities crashing in this night
Surrounding this tremoring soul
Shuttered between deepening shadows
Pained by her fright
Relief in a single light
Stronger with her words
Growing in my sight
Shedding fears impending doom
Pealing damp muster curtains of fear
Exposing hope in this room
I thank you
Bereft of understanding
Belittled by this ignoble plight
Fighting along side my wife
Another relative has found
Cancers evil sound
Wildfire soon their veins to fill
Giving another lover life’s angry chill
Crystal pinnings beneath this heart
Growing weaker with wildfires start
Losses and winnings
All the same
Life is an immortals game
Chess pieces in a universal game
Putting loves lessons to shame
I thank you
For this passion we share
Here for each other
Family and friends to care
Swing swiftly through this
Darkened cell
Release frustrations from a heart so frail
Grow the hope in love so blind
Each moment faith grows
From a chemo’d mind
Wildfires course is laid
Fringed along cancers unholy gains
Rending flesh
Pain it rains
I thank you
For the life wildfire gains
Saving my love
And those for whom I care
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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