Hello, sins anger returns my kneeling form

Sins anger returns my kneeling form
Anger at wrongs unchecked
Angry desires to right the wrongs
Sins of hate and frustration abound
Cancer from without
Cancer within
In the hearts of those
Who call her friend
Now here Pray I
Peace Her surrounds
Hurting in form
Challenged at heart
Bleeding soul
For a friendless part
Part of her dies
With those who will not try
To accept love
For what
Love is
I thank you
For on my lips
For these prayers
We offer for those
Who see only
Self pity and loathing
Causing my heart to sin
Lusting for angers sake
Defending her honor
I thank you
For this peace
Which inside me wells
Wells from the spirit
Born in your words
That fill her lips
With prayers
For those who pain fling
HurtIng her now
I thank you
For their anger
Shows me how
How to release
This sin from within
This pressure she feels
How to care for those
In whom so much anger dwells
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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