Hello, absent but present I’ve returned

Absent but present I’ve returned
Knees bruised but bent
Kneeling I repent
Take from her this burden
Release her from this pain
You know my heart is weak
My will the same
Return her smile
Replace this tired impression of my love
With her ageless
Always welcoming
Loving bride of my youth
I thank you
Harder grow these days
For her
I see her loss
Her will wane
But her heart
Her faith true
No matter what
What wildfire the doctors choose
She will not loose
But this trials toll
Is readily shaking
Shaking me to the core
I thank you
It’s half way past
The beginning to her last
Save her hope for the finale exposure
Let her once again
In her femininity revel
In what you’ve told her
On her you’ll not place
More than her faith can bear
I’m waiting as well
My heart
Nearly failed
Seeing her stumble from the chair
Where once little feet did glide
Her struggle
She can no longer hide
In her
I place my pride
As in you
Her strength over shines
Her hurts inside
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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