Hello under her infectious charms I return

Under her infectious charms I return
Swimming in her radiant beauty
Hearing her prayers for others
Waiting for yet another #wildfire infusion
Less anxious than the first
Longing for the last
A heaving heart
Thanks you
For the blessings of one so true
Getting to know her
And you
Seeing how pain grows faith
Even though it’s reasons our wills chafe
I thank you
Wandering between
Hurt and hope
Wanting her well
Struggling we cope
Seeing your will
Others anger your heart chills
Building on the future
Not a past
Growing from fears failure
Into faiths feast
I thank you
For healing her
For taking the cancer
For leaving her beautiful bald smile
She’s hotter now than before
But give her this wish
Her wish
Return her youthful charms
For her confidence not
But for her witness
I thank you
For her hope
I thank you
Oh and amen





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