Watching your expression

Watching your expression as you learned this fate.
Crestfallen as a diagnosis detailed a surgical date.
At me you looked eyes misty and red.
Great are these hearts filled with cancerous dread.
Still a flame of faith in each eye.
Gives hope a fighting stance as each cure we try.
Each healing pain with longing regrets
Finds your heart stronger for another wildfire threat.
Chemicals raging in your system as a fire.
Killing what cancers could not be cut from before more they can sire.
Loosing the gleam and hairless self esteem.
Returning willingly for each wildfire thrust.
Faith carries you with hope it’s a must.
Without others fail without others you can tell.
Knowing not our Lords peace and love cancer their will fell.
Standing amid the flames calling on his name.
Wounded afflicted taking earthly arrows the same.
For in his name you win this is no game
But for others your victory, they will know his name.
Love one, cancer none in this battle for my wife.


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