Hello, wildfire raging in her returns me

#wildfire raging in her returns me
To your side in hope and envy
Hope your peace grows
Envy pain knows not heaven
This chest heaves with desire
Pressing my heart for her
Seeing great effort in steps
Soft groans fill her words
When asked
I’m ok just tired
As her eyes stare through you
The spark though small
Is carried
Carried for you
And me
I see your love in her smile
But this earthly struggle
Fills her face
Patchwork scalp of follicles
Once quick stepping
Now slow shuffles
She will succeed
You have deemed it so
Even though
It hurts to hear her suffer
How many others
Others sit in silence
For their love
I know she will win
Because you
You have already beat sin
I thank you
For her hope
For her smile
Struggling all the while
She sing of your love
Offers prayers
Prayers for others
To you above
How can one man say
I’m glad you brought us here
Here to this today
I thank you
For this challenge
For this moment
We can touch your love
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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