Hello, sleeplessly kneeling to you I return

Sleeplessly kneeling to you I return
Always seeking your strength
Your blessings
Your peace
Guide me through her needs
Your will I see
Is a selfish me
Willing to step again
To her aid am I
Willing to for her
Though you call me for more
To live for her
For you
And more
What challenge
Will today bring
Gathering clouds
For a storm again
Will you see me
As your child
I see her as my love
My friend
In pain
And tired
But onward she goes
As do I with these
Pink toes
Painted for her
Till cancers, gone
Then only this #pinkmantoes
Will carry on
I thank you
For this trial
This trial we are on
For others
For ourselfs
I thank you
Keep her well
As she deals with
With #wildfires deals
Cooling head
As silver and tan locks release
Smiling she grows
Grows with each loss
Thank you
For her
Her strength
And her love
I thank you
Oh, and amen




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