Hello, wearing and wanting I return

Weary and wanting I return to you
Wanting for her healing
Strength for her return
Weary of loss
But understanding it’s gain
Her body wracked
By wildfires range
Sifting cells
For cancers trails
Rebuilding white blood Cells
Growing pains as well
I thank you
For her humor
For her strength
For her submission to this trial
Grow her strength in me
Both are dedicated you can see
Faith comes in tremors
Rocking our safe little world
Pinching peace from hopeless nights
Groping from darkness threats
There all the while
Like a willing child
We thank you
I thank you
Yes teach me more
How we grow over life’s roar
Hearing your want
Want for our lives
Each hour
Seeing more beneath her hair
Knowing how much
How much she cares
Still laughing
Thrilling others with her loss
Not for herself
But others
Her hair shed gladly toss
Knowing her hope
Is based in your love
I thank you
My lord there above
Here in her heart
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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