Hello, waiting for her latest follicle release

Waiting for her latest follicle release I return
Praying for humor
When I find none
Wanting to cry
As she looks into my eyes
Longing for life before
Before the wildfire first flowed
Before her flesh with steel let go
Before her hair stayed on a chair
She laughs
Tears I fight
Day and night
I thank you
Wanting your strength
That which she wields
Wanting your peace
That which she share
Wanting your hope
That which she shows
I thank you
One night
A painful moan
One morning
With out hair all over this home
For her
For her I ask
I will survive
But her will
Her will fades fast
As she surveys the scar
Sees flesh once concealed
Fading hair revealed
Memories falter
As she prepares
For wildfires second infusion
Such a life intrusion
Your will be done
I thank you
Oh and amen


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