Hello, understanding more

Understanding more I return
In my silence I learn
Earning understanding
One hurt at a time
I return
Always to you
Finding you
Willing to teach
Reaching my heart
My soul
With your grace
I thank you
Beaten by life
Struggling against hate
Swept up in anxieties floods
Peace from your heart above
Fills me
Fills my love
Gives us hope
Hope in answered prayers
None are small
Each blessing
On us from you falls
Even as trials trample our hopes
Your peace allows us to cope
Never have I known
Such peace
I thank you
For my love
For father Abe
For mother Rama
For your answers
To prayers
For those
I’ve not asked
I thank you
Healing from cancers scourge
With Wildfire
From her body purge
I thank you
Her pains are less
Her loss
Not as great
Her hope
You continually demonstrate
I thank you
Oh, and amen


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