Hello, glad you never tire of my return

Glad you never tire of my return
If not for these times
Sharing my burden
Sharing my desires
Sharing my praise
My sanity long ago would have fled
Not sure I’m all here
But carrying on as though
Lost it
One time to many
In the last few days
Lost my temper
Lost my cool
Lost my hope
Your words
Showed me how to cope
Your actions revealing peace
I thank you
Her needs outweigh mine
Yet still you are here
Beside me
In my heart
Building my will
Mother Rama and dad JC need you far more
Still you are here
Standing safely before my door
I thank you
Father Abe and Mother Mary
They need your peace
Far more than I
Yet still you sooth me
Grant me a moment to be still
Quiet in this madness
Where chaos grips my soul
You gather the storms winds
Keeping my candle lit
Within this heart faith you form
Nothing about your way
Is greater than your grace
I thank you
Deep inside a heavy heart
You’re lifting my burden
Granting day a new start
I thank you
Oh, and amen

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