Hello, thanks for talking to me

Thanks for talking to me again
You know the situation
You know the needs
And you know the wants
Thank you
This armor you provide
Takes the hits really well
The heart inside
Is heavy with this latest deal
Abe and Mom
They really need your help
I’ve got my love
Thanks to you
But these two
The need some special love
A brother
Who’s with you now
Left the family
In a hurting way
You know what they need
I ask for the peace
The hope
The wisdom
To help
For them
To help each other
And our extended family
You know my simple wish
Healing for my love
Now healing for hurting
I thank you
For your time
Keep my family
And in line
Thank you for the #wildfire
Now scorching cancers hide
As she tires
And sometimes cries
She fights on
Regardless the challenge
Thank you for her
And her love of you
I thank you
For bringing Mom-Kelso back to better
Better health
but most of all
I thank you for these challenges
Our faith
Loving us
For caring so much
Oh, and amen


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